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Our Ramadan kids decorations first made their debut in 2018 at Crate & Kids, a division of Crate & Barrel. Since then, our collection has made its way into the hearts and homes of thousands of North Americans. After licensing the collection to Crate & Barrel for 3 years, we are happy to offer you this collection directly!

Our Ramadan Advent Calendar is the most popular product in our collection. Designed by Hello Holy Days! founder, Manal Aman, it's shaped as a classic domed mosque. There are pockets for each day of Ramadan and one large pocket for the 29th and 30th of Ramadan so no matter how many days are in the month, the calendar still works year after year. Made of durable fabric with high quality embroidery detailing, our Ramadan Countdown Calendar is the best Ramadan decoration for kids. If you're looking for Ramadan calendar fillers or DIY Ramadan calendar ideas, check out our blog where you'll find inspiration for both!

Next in our Ramadan decoration collection is our Ramadan Banner featuring the Ramadan Drummer. The Ramadan Drummer is a fictional creation of Hello Holy Days! that's based off a very-real and old tradition throughout Muslim lands. Before fajr, a drummer would take to the streets with a drum to wake everyone up for suhoor. We understand that North American little children find Santa appealing and the Ramadan Drummer is our way of telling the story of Ramadan, and Ramadan's traditions - such as waking up for suhoor - in a fun and imaginative way for North American kids. Learn more about the Ramadan Drummer in our helpful post.

To round off our collection, we have two garlands: our Ramadan garland and our Eid garland.

Our Ramadan garland is a felt garland reminiscent of beautiful prayer beads all the while being very contemporary for a North American home. Our Ramadan garland features all the colors of #purpleramadan. At Hello Holy Days! we believe that Muslim holidays are best appreciated with a set of colors that are easy to use, year after year. You can read all about our theory on holiday colors on our blog.

Our Eid Mubarak garland is also a felt garland but this time it's stuffed and it spells out Eid Mubarak. It's embellished with tassels for a fun Eastern flair. We love that you can pull this piece out at the end of Ramadan adding to your decor. There are a number of places you can hang your Eid garland including on a fireplace mantel, over the stairs, above a doorway, over a bed frame or even displayed in the kitchen!

Whether you purchase one piece from our Ramadan decorations collection or purchase all the items to work together, you'll find that our collection easily spruces up your space in a manner of minutes and instantly make your home Ramadan ready. Find more information on how to hang our Ramadan decoration in your home as well as how to store them for longterm use after the festive season.

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