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VIP - Lantern Ramadan Basket
VIP - Lantern Ramadan Basket
VIP - Lantern Ramadan Basket

VIP - Lantern Ramadan Basket

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Preorder. Ships in early-mid February 2022.

Make your child's face light up with joy! Introducing our Lantern Ramadan Basket, meticulously designed so that when held - it looks just like a lantern!

Fill it up with treats, goodies and small books for a delightful way to welcome Ramadan or to celebrate Eid al Fitr. 

  • Soft felt construction perfect for kids
  • Vibrant Ramadan colors that tell the story of the holiday
  • Embroidery detailing for a high quality finish
  • Easily foldable for easy storage and tidy up
  • Durable, reuse it over and over
  • Die cut handles, perfect for little fingers (and grown up ones too!)
  • Safety test approved

Overall dimensions: 12" H x 7.5" H

Basket dimensions: 9" x 7" x 5" 

Why a lantern?

Lanterns are a very special symbol of Ramadan because Ramadan is a month of blessed nights, including a very special night called the Night of Power.

Before electricity, lanterns were the main source of light at night time, as Muslims worshipped throughout the night.