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Sheep Basket for kids by Hello Holy Days! Buy now for Eid al Adha.
Eid al Adha Sheep Basket
Eid al Adha Sheep Basket

Eid al Adha Sheep Basket

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Our holiday Sheep Basket is perfect for filling up with treats.

Eid al Adha has a unique story of why we celebrate it, distinct from the story of Ramadan. 

Hello Holy Days' dreamy sheep, adorned with a floral garland, is a great way to introduce children to the key differences between Ramadan and Eid al Adha. 

Fill it up with treats, goodies and small books for a special way to mark Eid al Adha, also known as the Greater Eid.

  • Durable canvas construction, easy to clean and great for reuse
  • Interior cotton lining in a green ticking stripe
  • Felt applique 
  • Sparkling plastic jewels 
  • Lite embroidery
  • Safety test approved

Overall dimensions (including handles): 15" H x 8" W

Basket dimensions: 8" diameter