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Ramadan Basket in the shape of a mosque, available to shop at Hello Holy Days for Ramadan
Ramadan Basket in the shape of a mosque. Folds from the sides for easy storage. Shop at Hello Holy Days!
Detail of pompoms and tassel on Hello Holy Days' Mosque Ramadan Basket.

Ramadan Basket Mosque

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Out of Stock Online. Please check availability with our stockists The Barakah Boutique or Modefa USA. 

One of Hello Holy Days' most popular crafts, posted back in 2016 is now a product! Introducing our Mosque Ramadan Basket. 

Fill it up with treats, goodies and books for a delightful way to welcome Ramadan or to celebrate Eid al Fitr. 

  • Soft felt construction perfect for kids
  • Vibrant Ramadan colors that tell the story of the holiday
  • Sparkle pom poms, a glitter star applique and a playful tassel add a touch of merriment
  • Foldable for easy storage and tidy up
  • Durable, reuse it year after year
  • Hidden handle for a professional and appealing look 
  • Safety test approved

Overall dimensions (including minaret): 14.5" H x 12.5" H

Basket dimensions: 12" x 8" x 7" 

Why a mosque?

The month of Ramadan has a very unique tradition in the nighttime, exclusive to the month. This tradition is called tarawih and it takes place in a mosque. For many American Muslim families the mosque is the place to go to break fast at sunset and join in tarawih prayers at night.