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Payment Plans

Ramadan and Hajj are prescribed by God to help us become more God-conscious. 

We want you to celebrate these holidays with our products! We understand that for some families, our products are an investment. 

We offer our God-conscious shoppers a payment plan based on the Quran. 

Our beliefs: God is “Ar Razzaq”, the Provider. He gives provision at the time He Has Decreed. He gives to whomever He wills, a little or a lot.

Unlike apps such as Afterpay or Klarna, we don’t assume that you will have money every 2 weeks. Part of belief in the unseen is that no soul knows what it will earn tomorrow. 

How it works 

You tell us your preferred number of instalments 

You tell us how much you would like to pay per instalment 

You tell us the payment date for each instalment 

If you’re unable to pay at the agreed upon date, tell us and we’ll grant you more time. 

Absolutely no interest - ever.

Who’s it for

Our payment plan is only for the God-conscious. This means that you:

Understand the importance of moderation.

Understand the importance of repaying debts in Islam. 

Understand the importance of keeping promises and contracts in Islam 

Understand the importance of truthfulness 

What's the catch?

Your soul. The Hereafter. We will not take any repercussions from you in this world. But God will. 

Get started 

Send an email to to discuss your personalized payment plan.